Paris Fashion Week

Here are a few sketches from the PFW 2016 catwalk. My three favourites are: the Dior coat, the Mui Mui coat, and the Givenchy ensemble.  x Hatsy

Pink Shirt Day

Picking up a few wardrobe staples, one of them being a pink shirt for Pink Shirt Day – a day in support of kindness – and against bullying. Let's all wear pink today!

It's the Lunar New Year!

Happy Year of the Fire Monkey! I had a lot of fun drawing this recipe panel after spending the day hanging out in Chinatown (aka the new *Hipsterville*) with my former neighbour, Mr. Li.  He taught me how to make this special Lunar New Year dish and asked me to share a few tips to ensure we all have a healthy + prosperous year. They're listed below the recipe.

x Hatsy

New Year tips from Mr. Li :

1. On New Year's day, don't refer to the past year, only look to the one ahead.
2. No eating porridge or meat for New Year's day breakfast! A breakfast of cooked rice will invite prosperity.
3. On New Year's day, it's very bad luck to say the Chinese number "four" out loud.
5. Avoid cleaning – especially sweeping as you will be "sweeping" your good luck and wealth away.
6. Same with taking out the garbage.
7. Don't do laundry or wash your hair on New Year's day or the day after. You'll wash away your good luck for the year! 
8. Using knives or scissors will snip your fortune and invite disputes. (No haircuts!)
9. Stay away from all financial matters on New Year's day.
10. Quarrelling on New Year's day will invite the same throughout the year.
11. Wear something red or gold for good luck. Don't wear black or white. 
12. At the stroke of midnight on New Year's eve, open every window and door in the house to let the old year out and the new year in.  -Mr. Li

The Secret Brine

Wow, it's 2016! Aside from a small earthquake, my iPhone breaking down, then having to do a clean install on my computer (erasing my hard drive and pretty much starting over), the holidays were really great! I spent Christmas day with some of my favourite people who just happened to pick that very day to cook the best turkey I have ever eaten! It was marinated in a secret brine (which I am sorry to say is still a secret). Dinner was soooo tasty, I woke up the next morning ... um, afternoon ... dreaming I'd been invited back for Boxing Day leftovers. Sigh.

New Year's eve was fun too! A group of us went to a fabulous friend's place (below) for a delicious New Year's dinner. He made a chicken dish with plums and saffron. Yum + yum. Being around so many talented cooks inspired me to start my own cookbook project. I'll let you know when it's done!

Hope you had a great holiday – here's to a stellar 2016! 

Chicken with Sage

Hi!  This past weekend, I hosted a small dinner + listening session for my former performance art professor from art school and my ex beau Philippe. If you recall, Philippe is a music theorist at the university, and a composer / improvisor. We had a great deal of fun listening to music and catching up on interesting music / art collaborations. And I made this yummy dinner for them.   Hatsy xxx

Ps: The recipe below is written down from memory.  I have a good memory so it should be OK, but if it's not, meet me at the oyster bar across the lane and I'll treat you to dinner. ;-)

Supermoon + Full Lunar Eclipse

Hope you were lucky enough to see the amazing full lunar eclipse tonight. I watched it from the roof deck. It was amazing!

Prince Harry for a day

Hi! Every so often people write in asking about my love life. Well, I've been trying to have some fun since Monsieur and I went our separate ways, but sometimes things can get a bit complicated . . .

I only have time for a quickie !

I have had the busiest month with barely enough time to do laundry!  Aside from my usual studio work, I've been spending time with a few of art colleagues raiding the studio of a fabulous ceramic artist who has been making plates for us to paint on.  It all started when one of my teachers from art school invited me to go out with him, and a bunch of other artists came along.  Most of the painters there were seriously into abstraction and they occasionally paint plates for fun.  I, of course, painted shoes!  You can see them on my Instagram feed: @HatsyT.   

Hatsy xxx

Recipes from my Yaletown loft : Cooking with Mr. Li (Session Three)

Hi everyone!  Here I am cooking again with my neighbour Mr. Li.  This dish is a yummy addition to the stir fried vegetables we made together last year.  To view that recipe (and others), click on the tab "Cooking with HatsyT".  Mr. Li is an amazing cook and he's teaching me all sorts of kitchen tricks!

A study on the January blues . . .

Hi everyone !  I don't know about you, but I am having a serious case of the January blues.  It's been raining a lot here – which doesn't help – and the entire city is cast in a blue-ish grey hue. Well, misery loves company, so here are a few of my friends and favourite things ––> also somewhat *blue*.   xxx

Caesar Salad

Hi everyone!  I'm making my yummy Caesar salad today for a bunch of friends.  With summer right around the corner, I thought I'd repost the recipe for everyone to enjoy.

The Moth - Part 2

Hi everyone!  To read The Moth - Part 1, please scroll down to the previous post.

The Moth - Part 2

It's a brand new year!

Hi everyone!  I'd love to stay in these pyjamas all day, but I have to get to the studio.

Between Cannes and Antibes

Hi! My friends and I are still recovering from dinner at Madame Anouk's place.  I'll be posting a story about it later this week.  In the meantime, Monsieur, his cousin Raynald et moi took a drive along the coast and stopped at Raynald's favourite beach for a swim.  I'm not sure of the exact location, but we're somewhere between Antibes and Cannes.  It's still nice and warm here!

Dinner in Èze

Hi everyone!  Here's a quick page from my sketchbook.... I'm visiting friends in Èze + taking in a few days of warm-ish weather before heading back to the city. Èze is a small town on the Côte d'Azur, about a twenty minute drive from Nice. (Eleven minutes if you're French or Italian.) Here we are having dinner at the home of Madame Anouk. She's a patron of the New Music festival in the region, which just wrapped up today.  A lively evening... more later...  

Happy July 4th !

Hi !  Happy 4th of July to all of my friends in the USA!  As you can see, I am celebrating along with you. What a yummy holiday :D

Emcee for the week !

Hi!  I'm having the best time as emcee for the jazz festival this week.  This was me today, announcing an awesome band that crossed over into hip hop and electronic music.  I'll try to remember to post some pictures on Instagram and Twitter.  I'm having so much fun!!

There's a B + W party happening in my closet !

Hi! Here are a few of my summer fashion purchases. The morning before leaving Honolulu, the three of us went to one of the shopping centres on Kalakaua Avenue to cool off, and lucky me, I found these two great dresses. I love the way the jail-stripe dress fits! We each bought a pair of canvas flats, and Paige and Katie picked up cool iPhone cases carved from Koa wood. I also bought the organic cotton T (below), a pyjama set, and of course the flip-flops (to replace the ones Paige lost at the beach). The rest of my purchases are from the mainland - they all work so well together!

I'm hitting the beach !

Hi !  As I mentioned in my previous post, je travaille d'arrache-pied has become my new favourite expression. Translated, it means that I am working like a fiend. I have another week or so of intense work before I can fly off to a beach for a quick hit of sun and heat. (It still feels like winter here.)  

Cooking with Mr. Li - Part 2

Hi !  Now that I'm mostly recovered from my car accident, I'm back in my neighbour Mr. Li's kitchen.  Lucky me, he's cooking up a storm today, and teaching me a few Chinese phrases along the way !  

Mishap on the bridge deck : Part 2

Hi !  Here's an update on my car accident, made from a little collection of my iPad drawings.  I'm feeling much better, but my neck is still stiff and a little sore.  I had to postpone last week's visit with my neighbour Mr. Li, but he'll be dropping by in a day or two to assess the feng shui situation chez moi.  I'll most definitely post an update with lots of notes on our session !

For the full story, please read the previous cartoon.

Soaked by the Pineapple Express

The Pineapple Express has arrived ! It's a weather system that originates near Hawaii (where pineapples are grown), bringing lots of moisture and warm air to parts of the Pacific Coast. It's not really raining pineapples, but it is raining a lot !

The Haircut : Part 5

Hi !  I'm just leaving to meet up with my neighbour, Mr. Li, but wanted to post the latest news on my haircut before running out the door.  Mr. Li will be teaching me how to cook a few Chinese dishes, and I'll be posting them on my blog in the next few days.  As well as being a good cook, he is a well-practiced feng shui master and offered to drop by to take a look at my place.  I can't wait to hear what he has to say!